Bonsai Master William Valavanis Does Shohin May 27 at MHBS

Known throughout the world for his incredible bonsai talent and teaching ability, Bill Valavanis will present a two-part program and workshop at MHBS’s May meeting, to be held May 27 at PFM Bonsai.

At 10 AM Bill will present his shohin bonsai program, then after lunch you can choose to work with Bill on your choice of a variety of shohin material he is bringing from his nursery near Rochester. The workshop is $40 plus reasonable material costs and will be limited, so reserve early. As usual, silent member observers are welcome.

Bonsai artist, educator, and scholar, and founder of the International Bonsai Arboretum, William N. Valavanis has been studying bonsai for over 40 years. Promoting the horticultural and artistic aspects of classical bonsai art, he shares his knowledge, techniques and art on an international scale. Home of the Valavanis Bonsai Collection, the International Bonsai Arboretum offers  bonsai courses, workshops, seminars and symposia as well as trained bonsai masterpieces, pre-bonsai, and bonsai supplies.


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