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August TWIG and Upcoming Events

Download the August Twig newsletter here. Upcoming club events include:

August 26: The Club’s Annual Picnic plus an open workshop with David Easterbrook at PFM Bonsai. PLUS a big fundraiser Lawn Sale and Silent Auction.

Sept 29-30: A David Knittle double event: Build a Tokonoma / Sharpening Bonsai Tools.

October 4-7: International Stone Appreciation Symposium, Granville PA.

October 20: Nature’s Way Fall Open House in Harrisburg PA. See for more information.

November 18: Mame workshop with Tom K., place TBD depending on the weather.

December 2: The Club’s Annual Christmas Dinner at Charlton Village Tavern.

June TWIG and upcoming events

Many club members are looking forward to the upcoming Montreal Trip to David Easterbrook’s & Montreal Gardens. Others are anticipating Frank Mihalic Workshops at PFM Bonsai, July 14-15, and a July 29 field trip to NE Bonsai and Royal Gardens.

Jake DeSilva’s ongoing $10 Monday night workshops at PFM Bonsai offer an incredibly affordable opportunity to work one-on-one with Jake in small sessions. Jake apprenticed in Japan and China for many years learning techniques that produced some of the best shohin from Mr. Masumi and  Mr. Urushibata, directors of the Japan National Small Bonsai Guild of Nurserymen. Though shohin is his specialty, his knowledge can be applied to all sizes of bonsai. Contact Pauline to sign up.

Not done yet. The Club’s August 26 Annual Picnic and open workshop will welcome David Easterbrook and he will bring trees. Sept 29-30, David Knittle will host a double event at PFM Bonsai: Build a Tokonoma / Sharpening Bonsai Tools—a double-exciting opportunity to score twice. And there’s more to come through fall with field trips, shohin and mame workshops. Download the June TWIG here.

Jim Doyle visits MHBS – photos

Jim Doyle visited MHBS in April. Here he turns on the charm during lecture.

Jim helps a member style a Ponderosa Pine.

Display options for a cascade.

Tokonoma scroll etiquette.


NEW Tokonoma Workshop

Admire Pauline’s tokonoma displays? Long for your own? On September 29-30, David Knittle will return to PFM Bonsai for a special Tokonoma Workshop. For the astonishingly reasonable price of $210 including all materials, David will help participants each create their own lighted tokonoma. Materials will be pre-cut and we will finish, paint and assemble the tokonomas over this two-day workshop. Also during his visit David will teach us how to properly sharpen our bonsai tools and will be available to sharpen them for us.

Workshop registration is now open, please contact Pauline.