Mohawk Hudson Bonsai Society

Dedicated to the art of bonsai

Preview of 2012 programs

Suggestions for next year’s programs are being solicited from membership. The following list was compiled from suggestions taken at the fall show and September club meeting. Keep the ideas coming.

Suggested Topics:

  • Displaying your bonsai
  • Fertilizer Cakes
  • Repotting
  • Tropical workshop/repotting
  • Wiring
  • Kusamono Pots with Adriano
  • Field Trip to Nick Lenz’s place

Possible Speakers:

  • Suthin
  • Ted Matson
  • Michele Phaneuf
  • David Easterbrook
  • Jim Doyle

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[…] The Mohawk Hudson Bonsai Society is looking good, with a quality website that features a full schedule with the likes of David Knittle (I think you’ve missed that one unless you are already there), Jim Doyle, Bill Valavanis, John Romano and perhaps some others (under Possible Speakers). They also do a fair bit of traveling with visits to David Easterbrook’s Montreal nursery and a trip to Massachusetts to visit Royal Bonsai (that’s Suthin’s place) and New England Bonsai (my old stomping grounds). […]

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