Group Design Workshop Nov. 18

A Bonsai Accident

If a camel is a horse designed by a committee, wait till you see what MHBS members come up with on November 18 as we split into groups to style trees donated by club members, including azaleas and a small-leafed rhododendron. Trees will be raffled. The fun starts after lunch at PFM Bonsai. Bring wire, tools, lunch and perhaps a goodie to share.


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2 thoughts on “Group Design Workshop Nov. 18

  1. Larry, I thought Tom K was coming to do a Mame workshop on the 18th. Are we to also bring trees for help from the group. I have so few right now that I would hate to auction anything off until I’ve had a chance to play with them………….please advise. Dorice

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  2. Yes, I believe mame was the original plan but now it’s a group design thing. However, I would think it’s a great time to bring in any trees for styling advice.

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