Min Hsuan Lo Styles a Tree

A demonstration by master Min Hsuan Lo at PFM Bonsai on June 6 was well attended. Master Lo did initial styling on material obtained by Jon Staples from Jim Doyle of Nature’s Way Nursery. Lo enchanted the group with his talents and charm during a tour which will take him to the ABS/BCI Convention in Louisville KY.

Master Lo is highly regarded internationally, receiving the grand prize of the JAL World Bonsai Contest in 1999 along with many other honors. He began teaching bonsai in Taiwan in 1992. In 2001 he started bonsai in Ken Kuo Technical University and in 2004, he become the bonsai teacher at Pei Tou Community University. He has traveled to Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa, India, and U.S. to share his knowledge and learn more about bonsai in other countries. Master Lo’s blog can be seen at http://min-hsuan-lo.ofbonsai.org/

Here are some snaps of the demonstration.

Tree "before" photo
Master Lo goes to work

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