Bonsai in the Bluegrass June 16-19

Lucky club members are attending the American Bonsai Society/BCI  Bonsai in the Bluegrass event in Louisville, Kentucky this week. Four days of classes, demos, vendors and opportunities to spend money.

Published by Larry Mossey

I'm a writer who enjoys hearing good stories and telling them.

7 thoughts on “Bonsai in the Bluegrass June 16-19

  1. I think actually, bileeve it or not, the act of dwarfing trees originated in egypt long before china or japan the chinese how ever picked up on this art and called it penjing- tree in a small pot, then the art carried on throughout asia and was known as bonsai by the japanese

  2. Have at it!…Now is the best time to do the nipping, pinching, and pruning. Junipers can be lightly pruned throughout the year with no problems. They will usually go through 2 growing stages per season and you can nip or pinch off the growing tips to keep their shape in check. This will also cause the foliage to thicken up as well. Be sure to remove the buds growing on the undersides of the branches, you’ll want to keep them clear to give it a cleaner and well defined look to the branching structure. Juniper is one of my favorite specimens to work with in the art of Bonsai. Some great varieties to work with are, Juniperus “sargentii”, Juniperus procumbens “Nana”, Juniperus “rigida” (needle juniper). What makes the juniper so versitile is the fact that they can be shaped to grow in any of the bonsai styles.. Formal upright, informal upright, slanting, cascading, windswept, and literati. They look equally beautiful in a “group” planting as well. Junipers are quite hardy and easy to take care of which makes them a real favorite among beginning bonsai artists.. So, welcome to a fun and relaxing hobby, but watch out! It can be very addicting and you will find yourself with a collection of trees on display in no time at all. You’ll know you are addicted when you find yourself galavanting through the local nursery, searching for a future bonsai specimen on your free weekends Hope this answers your question.. And Merry Xmas!$Billy Ray$

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