David Hodgetts wins ABS-MABS New Talent Regional

MHBS is extremely proud of one of our own. David Hodgetts competed for the rights to represent the MidAtlantic Bonsai Societies at the ABS BCI World Convention in Denver this June. Contestants were given San Jose Junipers and 9 hours in which to create their bonsai. David’s design was the unanimous top choice of the three judges. Masters Omachi, Chase and Thompson all commented on his fine work. Ask David to show you the evaluations that the judges gave him.

David chose to have his tree auctioned at the Saturday night banquet. The tree brought in $100 at the banquet. The new owner will have the first bonsai sold by a new future master of bonsai. Dave now will head off to Denver to compete at the national level. MABS awarded Dave $500 to help with his expenses.

Thank you Dave for making MHBS so proud!


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