Mid-Atlantic Bonsai Society 2023!

The Mid-Atlantic Bonsai Society (MABS) brought together bonsai enthusiasts from around the region in 2023. The conference featured a diverse range of bonsai displays, workshops, and critiques, giving attendees the opportunity to learn, grow, and showcase their skills in a supportive and stimulating environment. MHBS presented a display that showcased the talent of its members.Continue reading “Mid-Atlantic Bonsai Society 2023!”

Carving Workshop with Will Baddeley

Will Baddeley stopped by MHBS to conduct a masterclass in carving and aging wood, including on a club demonstration tree. Many thanks to Will! On Saturday, before the club meeting, Mr. Baddeley worked on individual trees with several club members during a one-on-one workshop. On Sunday he brought his craft and experience to an arborvitaeContinue reading “Carving Workshop with Will Baddeley”

MABS Preparation Session

During the MABS Preparation Session, several club members came together to prepare for the upcoming 2023 Mid Atlantic Bonsai Society show. Members were keen to ensure that their display would be up to par. The MABS Preparation Session was an opportunity for members to come together and have a great time discussing displays and toContinue reading “MABS Preparation Session”

Stand Building Workshop with John Stewart

John Stewart hosted a stand building workshop for club members that was completely booked. Mr. Stewart brought rough pieces for the shohin sized stands for members to assemble and finish/polish during the workshop. After a short presentation on stand assembly everyone got to work on the initial assembly followed by a presentation on display. FunContinue reading “Stand Building Workshop with John Stewart”