Carving Workshop with Will Baddeley

Will Baddeley stopped by MHBS to conduct a masterclass in carving and aging wood, including on a club demonstration tree. Many thanks to Will!

On Saturday, before the club meeting, Mr. Baddeley worked on individual trees with several club members during a one-on-one workshop. On Sunday he brought his craft and experience to an arborvitae provided by DJH Bonsai for the demonstration – a large lower horizontal branch was deemed too distracting to the final design and therefore removed and transformed into beautiful deadwood by the artist, who gave us all carving pointers along the way.

Many thanks to members for sharing transformations of their own trees and to Mr. Baddeley for sharing his knowledge.

Cherry tree before and after workshop by the owner and Mr. Baddeley. (Note the areas of drainage hidden amidst the carving so water does not pool!)

The demonstration tree was raffled off and won by David Shaeffer, who generously returned the tree to club care. A Mid-Atlantic Bonsai (MABs) registration for the upcoming conference was raffled and won by Bill Papura. Congratulations to both.


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