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Not the sharpest tool in the box?

KnittleDavid Knittle has the cure. Join MHBS for a November 22 Tool Sharpening Workshop with David Knittle at PFM Bonsai in West Charlton. Bring your dull tools and watch David make them sharp again. Visitors are welcome so it’s a great time to check out the club.

And there’s more! Larch wiring and pottery making workshops mark our march into 2016 and winter activities.

Tokonoma Workshop Results

Tokonoma materials

Tokonoma frame

Tokonma assembly

Tokonoma framed

Finished Tokonoma

David Knittle returned last weekend for the long awaited MHBS Tokonoma Workshop at PFM Bonsai. Two days of vigorous sanding, staining, sanding, finishing, sanding, assembly and sanding under David’s careful eye produced seven gorgeous lighted tokonomas suitable for shohin. David then gave a great Sunday afternoon presentation on tool sharpening. Thank you David!

September TWIG and upcoming events

Download the September TWIG newsletter here. Upcoming club events include:

Sept 29: David Knittle Build a Tokonoma Workshop at PFM Bonsai.

September 30: David Knittle Sharpening Bonsai Tools presentation, plus tool sharpening at PFM Bonsai.

October 4-7: International Stone Appreciation Symposium, Granville PA.

October 20: Nature’s Way Fall Open House in Harrisburg PA. See for more information.

October 28: Open BYO Workshop.

November 18: TBA event with Tom K., location to be announced.

December 2: The Club’s Annual Christmas Dinner at Charlton Village Tavern.

Sharpen Tools with David Knittle September 30

Whoever says David Knittle is not  the sharpest tool in the box doesn’t know David Knittle.

On Sunday, September 30, Mr. Knittle, a master wood carver and woodworker,  is back to teach us how to keep our tools sharp and well-maintained.

Good bonsai requires good tools. MHBS club members, be sure to bring your tools if you’d like them sharpened after the presentation, and David will sharpen them, fee is $4 per tool. Mark your tools so you know what’s yours.

BYO lunch is at noon and the program starts at 1:00 at PFM Bonsai in Charlton. As always, if you’re not a club member but would like to join us, we welcome guests to the presentation. Just contact Pauline for directions at 518-882-1039.