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Knittle Bonsai Stand Workshop


One of our favorite teachers, David Knittle, will be constructing two-level shohin stands with us on Januray 27 in this workshop that is currently filled, but observers are welcome. It’s a morning workshop, before the monthly meeting of MHBS. Guests are always welcome to attend.

Dave Knittle Workshop and January TWIG

KnittleDownload the January MHBS TWIG newsletter here.

We’re staying busy this winter. At our January 25 club meeting, Dave Knittle will return with a 10:00am carving workshop to sharpen our shari skills, and it’s FREE so the price is right—even the band aids are free. Bring your carving tools or borrow some. Lunch is BYO with a brief club meeting. In the afternoon you are welcome to stick around and practice your deadwood creations, so carve out some time for this one.

On February 22 we will try our hands at scroll making, and on March 29 Pauline will be leading a land and water penjing workshop.

Tokonoma Workshop Results

Tokonoma materials

Tokonoma frame

Tokonma assembly

Tokonoma framed

Finished Tokonoma

David Knittle returned last weekend for the long awaited MHBS Tokonoma Workshop at PFM Bonsai. Two days of vigorous sanding, staining, sanding, finishing, sanding, assembly and sanding under David’s careful eye produced seven gorgeous lighted tokonomas suitable for shohin. David then gave a great Sunday afternoon presentation on tool sharpening. Thank you David!

Azalea event photos

David Knittle surveys a workshop Azalea.

David Knittle lurks behind an unsuspecting azalea during his recent MHBS demonstration and workshop at PFM Bonsai. Everything you ever wanted to know about Azaleas was covered and David used a breathtaking Satsuki Azalea he brought along to illustrate his points. Members also brought trees for the display table. Stay tuned for a follow-up post as Mr. Knittle returned to host an exhaustive two day wood carving workshop.