Mark Arpag Workshop June 27

MHBS welcomes Mark Arpag to run a bring-your-own workshop at pfm bonsai in West Charlton on on Saturday, June 27. Mark is a frequent guest, known for working with many species of bonsai and especially cedar. The workshop hours are 9am to 4pm and it is limited to eight people so register soon by callingContinue reading “Mark Arpag Workshop June 27”

Mark Arpag Returns for Eastern White Cedars

Nobody does Eastern White Cedars like Mark Arpag. On Saturday, July 29, Arpag returns to pfm bonsai in West Charlton for an MHBS-sponsored all-day workshop. Bring your cedars or obtain new stock here. Mark will help you start the process of creating a masterpiece. Or return with your previous Arpag project and continue the journey.Continue reading “Mark Arpag Returns for Eastern White Cedars”

Upcoming bonsai events

Eastern White Cedars will be the featured tree on Saturday, July 29, when Mohawk Hudson Bonsai welcomes back Mark Arpag for a bring-your-own workshop. Little space remains so register soon and take your Eastern White Cedars to the next level. On Sunday, July 30, Mark will return for a demo following the monthly MHBS clubContinue reading “Upcoming bonsai events”

Wild Bonsai Weekend with Mark Arpag, May 24-25

If you want your trees to win awards like Mark Arpag’s trees do, start at the Wild Bonsai Weekend, May 24-25 at PFM Bonsai in West Charlton, when Mark will share techniques to help you develop blue ribbon Eastern White Cedars. Bring your own Thuja or choose a workshop tree from beautiful collected material inContinue reading “Wild Bonsai Weekend with Mark Arpag, May 24-25”